wow, trying to describe xposure….

By: Mattie Russell
There are at least 300 pictures on the server that need cutlines, a minimum of three stories a piece that have to be edited and a 12 page newspaper that must be complete within the next 2 days, but I would never trade this experience. The variety of personalities in this group could NOT be more diverse! I honestly don’t know how 12 people can be this different but have the same interest. We each add something different to the group. Every personality brings a different voice. Like Michael Danahy’s attempt to dance and rap, and Chante Bean never letting him forget how terrible he is. And Ashanti Banks having to constantly remind Chante to refrain when she tries to bust a move herself. Seeing all the work we’ve accomplished since we got here is so cool. Like some of the pictures are amazing! But we never could have made it without our faithful leader Brenda Vallejo. We would probably be lost wondering around campus without her taking pictures with no quality whatsoever without her. I’ll never forget taking a picture of the Titan we got to interview and the flash going off and almost blinding him, or the flood we had to survive at the Hot Rods stadium, or being in almost complete darkness for two hours in mammoth cave. Its been a very unique experience and I’ve learned a lot from it.