Adrian Tate Profile

By Sarah Mustian

Adrian Mugshot



Adrian Tate is a self-professed nerd and a basketball player. Though that is an odd combination, Tate seems to make it work.    

“I am very interested in gaming and technology.”  He says, rattling off the name of a magazine that he loves. “I just picked up a GamePro and I knew I wanted to work there.”

            His passions are not limited to the field of technology but it is his hobby. He also enjoys basketball, playing in the Amateur Athletic Union’s men’s division. Another hobby that defines his personality is collecting and building model cars,.

            He does have his eyes on the prize. Even as a senior at Millington Central High School, he has already set his goals for both college and a career. Tate, 17, plans on attending WKU and achieving a major in journalism. After graduating, he would like to pursue a career in gaming and general technology reporting. His dream job would be to write for the magazine that inspired him.

            GamePro, however, isn’t his only inspiration. He credits his mother for pushing him to be more successful and take the extra step. He also says that his family and peers are major influences in his daily life. Due to the fact that he has lived in Tennessee, Virginia and Maine, he has many friends to lean on. He says Allen Iverson, a professional NBA athlete, is his biggest role model on the court because of Iverson’s playing skills

He has many choices of entertainment to pick from for motivation. He listens to anything from rap to rock, although his favorite artist is Cassidy, a rapper. He also enjoys watching ESPN for basketball coverage. To get him pumped up, he likes to watch exhilarating action and crime movies.

            The reason why Tate wants to go into journalism is short and concise. “Gaming was once looked at as if it were a toy,” he says, “but now it’s evolving into other fields of technology.” With that topic expanding and becoming more successful, he would be smart to venture into it.