High School Journalism Workshop at Western Kentucky University

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High School Journalism Workshop at Western Kentucky University

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High School Journalism Workshop at Western Kentucky University

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Alexis Washington

Growing up with four sisters, Alexis Washington knows a thing or two about sisterhood. She describes her sisters as shaping her life thus far.

“Growing up with three older sisters and one younger, I know lot,” she said. “I know (things) that I wouldn’t if I hadn’t had them in my life, such as how to be tough, girly, borrow clothes, and how to deal with boys.”   

Washington said the best lesson she has learned from her sisters, especially her older sisters, is that it’s important that she stands up for herself and not get pushed around by others.

Even though she and her sisters sometimes argue over “stupid stuff,” they always take the time to acknowledge that the argument is stupid and later laugh about it.

“My relationship with my sisters is easy,” Washington said. “I will always have someone there with me.”

Washington is going into her sophomore year at North Hardin High School in Radcliff, Ky., but she said she hopes to attend the Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science when she becomes a junior.  The academy, on the Western Kentucky University campus, is for high-achieving students from throughout the state who have an interest in math or science.

Wherever Washington finishes high school, she said she wants to work on her writing, a subject that she loves.

Washington said if she could change one thing about the world, it would be the jealousy that people have toward one another.

 “Jealously is such a problem with teens and fighting, and so many problems arise from jealously,” she said.

Washington said one of her best qualities is her ability to make friends easily, which she demonstrated the first day of the workshop.

“That ability comes from my family because they’re loud.”

Washington often had to use her best quality to make friends since she moved around a lot due the fact that her dad was in the Army. She has lived In Germany, Georgia, and Kentucky.

Since she has been settled in Kentucky, Washington has joined the track team and went to state his past spring for the 200 meter.

Washington said if she could live by one quote for the rest of her life, it would be, “what comes around, goes around.”



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