Lexi is No.1

Well, what is there to say about this boring workshop?? JUST KIDDING!! It was amazing!
I love Scooby, he’s like a dad you would never want but would love to have….if that makes sense?
Anyways on June 7th I wasn’t very excited to come. I thought everyone in the workshop would be weird smart kids, with no sense of fashion. I was kind of scared and thought I would be the youngest one in the group, but to my surprise I was one of the oldest. Everyone in the group had a nice sense of fashion and they were all pretty sweet, so I knew I was in for a fun time.
My original roommate Kalie Gipson was super cool and had a cool swag but we soon became “x-roommates,” in less then an hour because of a girl named Alexis(ill get to her later). So I switched rooms with a girl named Chelsea Stevens, who was the sweetest girl, and I became roommates with ALEXIS WASHINGTON! Alexis is 15 and super crazy, and has the most obnoxious laugh, but its kind of cute. We became good friends, and were really compatible in some ways, so she was an ok replacement for Kalie.
There was NEVER a boring day with our group. Chanti Bean is the most hilarious, energetic, crazy dancer in the world! She is truly one of a kind and I love her, she’s one of the coolest chumz I know. Ashanti Banks is also one of the coolest chumz I know! She was like the mama of the group, she reminded me so much of Madea! every word that came out her mouth was HILARIOUS! Sarah Mustian is the oddest child?? She was really funny though, she had the weirdiest run! It made me sick to see that girl run, but she was also one of the most intelligent in the group (to me). Kearston Winrow was from nashville like me, but we were nothing alike. She was super sweet and super, super random. Mattie Russell was the groups little southern belle! She is the most gorgeous girl! She was really funny and extremly smart, I love that girl!
Now for the guys. I “Fake” adopted a guy as my little brother while I was here. His name is Adrian Tate. He is the most clueless, oddly little boys I know. He was constantly having slow moments, he was a shy computer nerd. I dont have much to say about him but…wow?
Byron Turner was awesome! He was really mean too. He always had something smart to say, I just wanted to hit him sometimes, but he was pretty cool. He was always doing to much it was so irritating but I love him.
Then theres my favorite white boy Michael Danahy. He was also very clueless, only when it came to race questions, which came up alot. He was super funny, and I kind of admire him in some ways. He was never afraid to bust out at a baseball game and do some weird dance, or talk to complete strangers and congradulate them on opening doors. Michael is the coolest guy I know…..ill miss that little weird, CUTE ginger.
SCOOBY aka Gary Hairlson! OMG(oh my gosh) scooby is hilarious. He is truly a big kid! He was always joking on me and giving me a hard time, but i love him! He was like my fav. person from this workshop.
Mr.A was really funny! I guess I have a hard time hearing because I always caught the first and last word of his sentences, never the middle. He always made me laugh, he is super silly.
My writing coaches were amazing! The best writing coaches in the world! I love them.
All in all the workshop was AMAZING!
I loved every second of it….[=
Im out…”LIKE A BOSS!”