this camp is like that one streisand song…

I’ll be completely honest. I’m gonna miss each and every one of you. The thin layer of anonymity (I’m not that retarded, jerks >:C) just makes the friendships better than they could have been. I’m not going to cry because I probably won’t be able to open my eyes. Speaking of which, we need to bust out the sodas and snacks. I’m about to fall asleep on the keyboard.

So, to be utterly and completely corny, I will describe each workshopper. In alphabetical order!


Ashanti: I know I probably annoy the hell out of you. But you take it well. And hell, when you laugh, I can’t contain myself from joining in (although during meals it can become a problem). Seriously, you may be one of the more serious/hilarious people I have met ever. And though a weird combination, it fits. And I envy your fashion sense. ):

Chante: Sweet Jesus, you are loud. And obnoxious. And have the urge to dance every time a song comes on. But we love you for that, because you balance out all the less energetic people. And your rhythm is so much better than mine, trust me.

Michael/Chuck/Charlie/Ginger/Every Nickname Known to Man: The only redhead I knew was an extreme psycho stalker, so thank you for changing my perception of your hair color. You may be the whitest kid at the workshop, but it’s probably going to make you the most memorable person here. The fact that you’ve done that is pretty freakin’ awesome. (the little Catholic School Girl in me is escaping!)

Elexis : Chedddarrrrrr. That’s good nasty…. I swear to God I have never met someone like you. If I wasn’t sure, I would swear you were high all the time. God only knows how you would act if you were. But you’re unique and different and …actually very smart. You make the camp a whole lot more mellow.

Kalie: I know, every time I try to sound cool, I end up sounding like a complete dork. But you are a thug. I’m not a good judge of that, but you are. I know no other white girl who wears Tupac, Slipknot, and other shirts of that kind. You’re quiet but you can call everyone out on their crap, which is alright with me.

Mattie: You’re the perfect choice for a roommate. You don’t wake up when I make noise, which is good because I run into that door all the time. Your accent just makes me get all giggly, whether you’re discussing genitalia or the proper interviewing techniques. I’ve also never met a teenager who goes to bed that early and still wakes up a little tired.

Chelsie: You’re quiet, you’re sincere, and I appreciate that in a world of loud conversations. Plus, whenever you interject, it’s either hilarious or incredibly thoughtful.

Adrian: I swear to God, why are you obsessed with those songs? Why, when you actually choose to speak, is it always hilarious, intentional or not? Now that you’re finally talking, we laugh a whole lot more. Glad it only took half of the workshop.

Byron: There are too many choice words to describe you, many of which I can’t publish on this blog. The snakebites, the innuendos, the constant photos of me yawning (I’m trying to stop!). The weird habit you have to sneak up on people, the violence, and the amazing ability to take amazing photos. It’s just half of you. Oh, and stop trying to fight against every girl you meet. You will lose.

Alexis: The only other sophomore here, sadly. There’s too many seniors running loose. You have a way to tolerate everyone here (Lexie’s odd comments, my constant death attempts, Byron’s sneakiness) without seeming completely snarky. That’s something you are definitely going to need in your daily life from here on out (especially if you keep in touch with Lexie. God, these comments really aren’t that funny. I’m too lazy to edit them out.)

and finally, Kearston: You are loud. You are strong-willed. You have your goals. And hell, I think you could actually replace Katie Couric, if you tone your voice down a couple hundred decibels. You’re one of the more unique personalities here (the parking lots, the boys, the malls, the more malls) and your voice will probably be in my memory for a long time.

That’s just the workshoppers. Though I do appreciate every volunteer who has helped us, I will leave out my butchering of their careers and just say WE APPRECIATE YOU. A LOT. A LOT LOT.

So there you have it. Sarah Mustian, the choking wonder, the yawn machine, the yada yada yada, just gave her opinions of all of you. If you don’t agree, I’m fine with that. I’ll remember y’all for a long time. I’ll remember Kearston claiming every song was her jam, Byron’s effective heimlich, Chante’s constant yelling at me to “STAY LOST, SARAH, STAY LOST,” Ashanti just giving up, Michael’s punching, and so many more. As much as I want to go home, I will admit, this has been one of the best experiences I’ve had. It’s going to be a more boring summer without you guys. (:

-Sarah Mustian