I’m Jumping on the Bandwagon

By doing so, I will give a little bit on every friend here. And since I don’t know who to start with, I’ll do what Sarah did and go alphabetically.

Ashanti-almost every thing you said made me laugh! You’re smart, hilarious, and fun to be around. You’re not afraid to say what’s on your mind either. That’s admirable, and I hope you keep it up.

Chante’-Girl you are almost TOO loud and crazy. But it’s been hilarious watching you break down in random dance or song these 10 days. Your obnoxious laughs always kept me amused.

Michael (Charlie, Chuck, Ginger)-I don’t even know where to start with you! Your white boy dances and crazy style made for no dull moments. And you can pretty much imitate anybody and anything. I think you got Shaggy down pat. And you probably will become the most memorable person here due to your incredible uniqueness. 

Elexis-I don’t know where to start with you either! From Chedddaaar to Good-nasty or the fact that you were my original roommate with big poofy hair. You’re accent never fails to make me chuckle. You had Chante’ talking like you for awhile. Good luck in the spring.

Sarah-You can choke on salad, air, soda, and words. But you really are unique and definitely brought your own thing to the group, like your incredible whiteness. But don’t worry, I’m white too. Please don’t choke on anything from now on! Your slow moments were well timed. For that, entertainment was guaranteed.

Mattie-The first thing I can say is how you pronounce certain words! Completely hilarious! Even though I don’t like Bon Jovi, you still have great taste in music. Thank you for shouting out that I wanted the Hot Rods story! You had my back and I appreciate it.

Chelsie-My roommate! You were incredibly quiet at times but you didn’t waste your breath when you talked. That is completely smart. Your facebook status never fails to crack me either.

Adrian-Yeah, the Lakers won! What now? But seriously, I loved talking about sports and music with you. Yes you were quiet at first, but you turned out to be incredibly funny and smart! (but still with some slow moments, but that’s ok). So I got Lakers for a repeat next year. Kobe!

Byron-I can’t start anywhere with you either. You’re arrogant, confident, and a spotlight stealer. But that’s ok, you weren’t too much of those things. You’re funny smart, and definitely ambitious. Good luck on your path to presidency.

Alexis-I knew you were 14 the whole time. Seriously! But for real, you’re very cool and very smart. You and Lexi as a pair just killed me at times. Good luck getting into WKU, I know you wanna go there.

Kearston-You probably will be the next Katie Couric. You are strong willed and never afraid to speak your mind no matter what might happen or what people might say. Just remember that you might have to start out small. Not everyone makes it big right out of college. Just remember that, and never give up.


So there you guys are. 11 people I will never forget.