Xposure=truly exposed.

This past two weeks has been absoluly amazing.  It was an experience that I know I will never forget and this is a promise.  The one person that I think I might remember the most is Scooby (Gary). He is somebody that I know is impossible to forget.  He is almost like a second father to me.  He helped me to overcome so much, for example: My gum issue, the group claimed everytime they saw me I was chewing gum and scooby helped me set a record of one piece of gum for a whole day. I will miss everyone.

Elexis Fletcher (Lexii #2)- Lexii was my roomate. She was the girl I knew I could be crazy with no matter what.  But she was also the girl that kept me awake when I was trying to sleep and the one to fake seizures just to scare me to death.

Michael Danahy (Chuck)- Chuck was the first person to shake my hand! I was sort of creeped out by it at first but in the end that one hand shake made me love him to death.

Byron Turner (Best frann!) – My best frann was truly my best friend no matter how much he was mean to me! Ily BFF!!!!

Kalie Gipson(Kalie!so chill)- Kalie was so cool.  She is so laid back or as I call her “chill”. If I ever want to know  anything about a sports game I will be sure to go to her!

Adrian Tate (Adrian!)- I don’t even know what to say because he gets mad to easy. 🙂

Ashanti’ Banks (Mamma)- My mother was amazing. She was always her to save the day. You are my superman! I love you.

Chante’ Bean (Te’ #2)- Chante is awesome! She always sings to me! It makes me sooo happy.

Mattie Russell (America’s Next Top Model)- Mattie truly has the potential to be america’s next top model. Stay beautiful! I love you Honey! (stop talking about my age)

Chelsea Stevens- She was my original roommate and the first person I talked too. You are cool girl!

Sarah Mustian- Wow. Enough said.