Hmmm I wonder how many of you will read this since i put it up after the workshop….

My fellow journalists,

It has been my pleasure to be put into your company. Originally I was accepted as an alternate and then when I was accepted for real i considered not coming. Not coming however, would have been one of the worst mistakes in my life. I am literally crying as I type this, for the 11 days i spent with you all will always be remembered. I hope to keep in contact with all of you so stay in touch on the blog and facebook. And now, as everyone else did, I will say something about you all. Believe it or not my father said he thought you all were really cool and had amazing personalities.

Ashanti – oh my dearest ashanti you are one hell of a woman. you are strong, you speak your mind, and your motherly characteristics will never be forgotten. we will always have hundreds of jokes and i hope to stay in contact with you. good luck as editor velma.

Chante’ – i might start crying more as i wright this. you became nothing less than an amazing friend to me and more. from the very first night of the workshop we had a special bond that will never be broken. you have a personality that somewhat resembles mine. you can dance in front of many and sing whenever you please. we have shared things that will make me remember you forever. you better stay in touch. love “wraggy”

Lexi – i love you. your love for fashion is actually somewhat inspiring. you always told me to keep my back straight and as i wright this i am. the picture on my phone from wednesday night is hilarious and you will not be forgotten. stay good nasty

Sarah – white kids, catholic schools, and northern ky. you rock. although you can be somewhat clumsy and ditzy your attitude always brought something funny to the table. stay away from the salad and soccer players. cya around NKY

Mattie – ok well i guess im gunna have to say it like everyone else SHAWTY (i said it right) is a10! you made my experience amazing at this workshop and i will always remember you. teasing you was great and i loved when u scratched my head. stalking you will always be a hobby of mine and adrians. you stay up so late its crazy idk how you do it. we bonded a lot and it only too 2000+ pictures. you will always have ┬áme as a friend and u better stay in contact.

Chelsie – we did not talk much however when we did it was good. you stayed up late for the all nighter and u often answered my stupid questions when we were at the computers. good luck in life

Adrian – “oh sh#$ here we go again”. after that first night i thought things would be really awkward. but we all worked past that and you became a very good friend. your constant playing of the show me your genitals song was hilarious. your convos with me and byron were so funny i almost died. and when u managed to talk to the group in its entirety i was always laughing. thanks for being a really awesome roommate. stay in touch

Byron – I knew this one would be the hardest. im sitting here shaking dude. you were my best friend at this workshop. i got off that elevator and i was like hey theres a kid down there i wonder what he’s doing. you said hey, i said hey, and comedy was born. i may be white, but when i am with you i will always be thuggin’. if i needed someone to talk to it was you. you may have been scoobys pet and i envied you for it, but you really were good at what he had you do and were probably the right person for the job. succeed in life and when you’re the president and i have a talk show, come and we’ll hang. stay in touch

Alexis- You are very sweet! your gum addiction is funny. we would sometimes talk about track and that was fun. helping you take your obama interview pictures was fun especially since you were scared of everyone we talked to. stay in touch

Kearston – you are my fellow competitor for a tv slot. you have the determination of a race horse and i applaud you for that. you all that girly stuff but that is totally cool and your confidence always had you speak your mind. the next time im in kashville ill check a club for you.

and finally Kalie – you were the best person to interview. you are an excellent writer and i knew you would get that award. way to do work!

so thats it, im tired and im going to bed….like a boss

love Chuck aka Michael Thug Danahy