The National Student Leadership Conference

The National Student Leadership Conference is the only leadership conference made specifically students. Every year its held in Indianapolis and only 300 students from the United States and Canada have the honor of attending. I was lucky enough to attend and carry the Kentucky Flag into the opening ceremony.

When I was attending this conference we went to the Childrens Musuem in Indianapolis. I have a few pictures of some of the exhibits that werer there. The musuem was more focused on Ancient Egypt and modern Egypt. So most of my pictures are of that kind of stuff.

Also while there, we had the honor of going around to a few different high schools in the area and doing community service projects. These projects would’ve taken the school district months or years to complete and hundreds of thousands of dollars, but only took us a few hours of hard work. It felt pretty good to know I helped save the school district money and time. Now the students of those schools have better facilities thanks to us.

The students that I met there and hung out with were really cool. Most live really far away in places like Alaska or Maine but I plan to keep in touch with them anyways.

Ok. So my pictures wont upload. I will try again later. But you can see them on facebook.

One last thing, keep blogging. Keep it going. Keep everyone updated on whats going on in your life.