Dont want to leave!

Well I didn’t think that this day would come so fast. But sadly to say my days with my WKU Xposure friends is coming to an end. 

When I was first coming to this workshop,  It was almost like the frist day of school, i thought it was going to be silent for some days. Within the first hour of being on the campus I knew my assumption was wrong. 

The reason why I really believe that we hit it off so well, was because everyone here was passionate about something different but we were all somehow connected in our own way. 

If ANYONE was to ever asked me what i learned while here I would have so much to say, I learned how to take a good photo, I learned how to create a a piece that people would not only read but understand. I learned that people don’t always wear their feelings on their sleeve. I learned that sometimes things wont go right but with a little effort and elbow grease, everything will be fine! 

As I look around at Kelsey, Micha, Franey, Vicky, John (Teddy Bear), Charley, Adam, Simone, Kate, Dee, and LaJazzy LaBoo I see not only their faces, but their hearts too. 

This was a life changing expirence that i’ll NEVAAA 🙂 forget.

To anyone reading this I want you to know that not only was this a lesson in  Journalism, but a lesson in life. 

Love, LaErica