Twenty-Ten participants, you guys were a hoot!


Just wanted everyone to know what a great time I always have coming back to Western’s campus each year to do this workshop.

Some of you guys see my good side and some of you see a side of me that is sometimes not so good. But that’s because I want you to be your best not “the best”. Not all of you will pursue journalism, multimedia or photojournalism. And that’s OK! There are underlying themes we try to instill in each of you such as teamwork, perfection, responsibility and friendship.Those qualities are pertinent in any job you decide to do in life.

For 10 days, we all live in dorms, eat three times a day (over an 8-hour period) and stay up way to late in the dorms, but in the end, we go home with a great sense of pride and joy and new friends .

Bob, Neil and I are happy to have played a short role in your lives( past and present participants) and hope you will always remember your time here at WKU.

Somehow the name “Scooby” has become synonymous with me thanks to one of the workshops from the late ’80’s and former participant and now faculty member Toni Mitchell who tips each new batch of students when she gives her motivational speech at the beginning.

Don’t be strangers and keep up posted on your progress.