Not Goodbye, Just See You Later

As I look around the student pubs building, the lab we’ve all basically called home for two weeks, I see not just people, not just writers or photographers or editors, but I see my friends. I see the experiences we’ve shared, the late nights, the early mornings, the meals at DUC, the countless hours spent in each others’ company. We make an awesome team, guys. We’ve put out a competitive newspaper. And we’re all between fourteen and seventeen years old! I think that’s pretty incredible.

I will never forget you guys. Like I said within the first week or so of the workshop, you guys are the most wonderfully inspirational group of people I’ve ever met. Thank you for making this workshop so special, all of you. Erica, Dee, Micah, Franey, Jazzy, Charley, Kelsey, Simone, Kate, John, Vicky… You all are my family, I will never forget you. And I think I speak for everyone when I say that we’ve all had a life-changing experience that will stay with us forever.

But I have a feeling this isn’t goodbye forever. We’re all in each others’ hearts, now and forever. And even if we never meet in person again, we’ll never forget each other. Plus, we can all keep up with each other and stay in touch through Facebook and our phones and such. So, really, there’s no official goodbye for us. But for now, see you later will suffice. I love all of you and will miss you very very much. Stay in touch, friends!