Profile-Adam Pennavaria

Adam Pennavaria

By Darian Jackson
Adam Pennavaria is a one-man-band who enjoys all musical aspects of life.
Pennavaria, who attends Glasgow High School, said he plays the bassoon, trombone, bass guitar, and many percussion instruments. And he likes all genres of music.
For example, Bach and Beethoven introduced Pennavaria to music when he was 7 years old.  Pennavaria said that he admired Beethoven’s musical variety and was amazed by the fact that a deaf person could write such dynamic music pieces.
Then, in the fifth grade Pennavaria switched from classical to the more contemporary style, or, from his eyes, the “70’s to the present” when his mom gave him the “Best of Van Halen“ CD one Christmas.
Pennavaria said that an uncle, Russ Pennavaria, is also one of the biggest reasons he plays music today. Russ, who persuaded Adam’s mom to buy the Van Halen CD, always brought some instrument to play at family gatherings, which attracted young Adam to the art of music.
Adam got his first guitar for his 14th birthday and he hasn’t dropped it since. He plays many genres, from jazz, to his favorite, metal. His dedication to music even led him to stop playing goalie for his high school soccer team to be in band.
Adam said his shoulder-length hair fits his look as a musician, but when he played soccer, it led to some teasing.
Adam said he didn’t understand why teammates called him “Penny” and “Addy” at the time, but today he thinks he knows why. “They’re jerks,” he said.
He said that when he was in elementary school he went through a stage where he would be by himself and not try to make any friends, but Adam’s band and soccer involvement helped him open up and find friends his freshman year of high school.
His other pastimes include reading adventure books like “The Lord Of The Rings” and “Harry Potter,” and taking long walks and “philosophizing about life.”
Adam said he has an “old soul,” meaning that he takes things laid back and he isn’t bothered by a lot of stuff that affects other teenagers, such as the latest brand in clothes and the newest shoes.
Adam said he decided to adventure into the field of journalism when he discovered “how creative and diverse the human population is.”
He said he aspires to be a broadcasting journalist for a small-town radio station or a recording engineer.