Alexis Taylor’s Profile


Barret Middle School



Barret Middle School, Louisville, Ky.

Sixteen-year-old Alexis Taylor describes herself as modern-day philosopher, controversial thinker, upcoming novelist and unique personality.

Taylor, who will be a senior at Tates Creek High School in Lexington, said she is a deep and cautious thinker, often giving the impression that she is quiet.

Taylor said she prefers to think before she speaks or acts, which can be a good thing, but it can be a setback because many people’s first impressions are that she is shy. When she is out of the spotlight and with a small group of friends, the shy, quiet girl can quickly become a chatterbox.

Taylor is also an aspiring novelist. She said she was working on a novel for about a year but decided to stop writing the criminal drama.

“I didn’t know enough about the topic,” she said, “and your lack of knowledge about the topic or situation shows in your writing.”

She now is working on a new novel titled “And They Were Rebels,” which is a medieval fantasy. She chose that topic because “fantasies can be your own.”

She said she has a sarcastic sense of humor and explained that when people understand what she is talking about, they find her sarcasm comedic. She described it as “dark humor.”

Taylor also considers herself controversial because she “likes to make people think.” She said people should not be so quick to judge some things.

If people think about things, everything is not what it seems, she said.

Taylor described herself as a modern-day philosopher. She said she likes to “pin-point problems” and explore the inner self, using writing.

“I use a lot of subtext, subliminal messaging in writing,” she said. “If you talk about something in an indirect way, you will get to the root of what I’m saying.”

She is interested in history because it is “a unique way of entering the setting into the writing.”

Taylor also is interested in computers and technology.

“I find computers amazing because there is so much knowledge to gain from them.”

Taylor’s other interests include sci-fi, criminology, law, computer hackers and playing guitar.

She summed herself up in three words: “I’m just me.”