Tim Nwachukwu – Favorite Photo

This is a monochromatic photo of the word "welcome" in different languages at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

I’ll admit that yes, I do happen to like black and white photos a LOT, and maybe even too much. Out of all of the photos that I had taken at Xposure, this was, without a doubt, definitely my favorite photo. The crazy thing about this phot was that I had taken this while I was experimenting with the monochromatic feature on a Canon Rebel T2i, even though I technically wasn’t supposed to. I’ve got so much better work than this, and I have much funnier shots of Seth Fischer than this, but something about this screams out, “INDIE PHOTO.JPG”, mostly because this is such a chill and welcoming photo (no pun intended). Out of all of the photos that I’ve taken, this is definitely my favorite one.

Also, to Seth Fischer, inb4 calling me a hipster.