Fastest Two Weeks of My Life – Seth Fischer

If the rest of my summer goes by this fast, it’ll be a short trip from summer to my senior year in high school. We’ve all been working non stop for the past 12 days, with the exclusion of these past two days. I haven’t had a whole lot to do. A lull in the action is nice on occasion, especially after and staying up until two in the morning joking around with new friends. I’m really sad to leave, but happy to return home to my normal life. In five days after that, I leave for Costa Rica, and then not long after that I have to work on yearbook stuff. I am glad to say I’ve met quite a few remarkable people, some I already knew and others I’ve just met here. Unfortunately, not all of them are within driving distance, but there are still a couple people from Louisville that I am now great friends with. I’m just really happy I was chosen to come to Xposure. I’ve really learned a ton about what it takes to be a journalist, and how to take a more humanistic approach to things. I feel more alive and real than I have in a long time, and after this past year, I really needed it.

Special shout out to:

Timmy, for being a great sensible guy and awesome friend. Even though you won’t get to offically be on YB staff next year, I’m glad you’ll at least be on club. We’re gonna go places.

Diamond, for keeping fools in check and saying “SWAG” at opportune times.

Leah, for having quite a bit of swag herself for one so young. Try and get into CMA your sophomore year if you can, you’d fit right in with the rest of us. If not, you’ll make your school’s publication go hard, I can tell.

Jackie, for your unintentionally hilarious ditzy moments, and your various idiosyncrasies, like saying “bruh” when all rational, sane people say “bro.”

Jennifer, for being every animal all at once, and being especially good at delivering awkward meows.

And Yazmin, for being an all around awesome person. There is seriously nothing bad I could say about you, ever. You’re wonderful in all ways, and my last year at Manual will be amazingly better because you’ll be on YB staff with me. I don’t like to pick favourites, but you’re it. You’re going to be wonderful at anything you do, and you have the drive to do it. I look forward to seeing your future accomplishments.

It’s a shame you can only do Xposure once, but it’s good that someone else will get a chance to have this experience in my place. So thank you and farewell to one of the best times of my life, you’ll be missed.