Jennifer’s Best Picture

My favorite picture that I took while at the WKU Xposure Journalism Workshop was the one of this little 3-year-old boy named Zachery. I watched as Zachery ran along to keep up with his father and thought he was the most precious thing ever. His dad stopped at a vender to buy a drink, and while his dad was paying, little Zachery kept pulling on his dad and pointing to a cooler that had a sign that read that all drinks in the cooler were a dollar. He wanted a coke and kept pointing to a coke can. When Zachery’s dad handed Zachery the water bottle, the little boy made a face, paused for a minute, then tried to open it. When he couldn’t he tried handing it back to his dad to do it for him. I love that I caught his cute little upset/confused face in this picture. I also really like the colors in the picture and how the it’s soft and doesn’t seem too clutter-y. I also like how the light lights up the front half of his body. He’s so cute!

Zachery Taylor, 3, makes a face when handed a water bottle by his dad. Zachery wanted a coke instead.