Jennifer’s Goodbye

Well guys, it’s been awesome. I know that’s what you say after anything that was really fun, but seriously, this was AWESOME. Since the minute I got to campus, I knew our group was going to be great. I was right! It’s amazing how all of us got along so well, especially since we’re all so different. I’ve had conversations with everyone here and I am going to miss everyone dearly. We all better keep in touch! It’s been so great working with and getting to know people as interested in journalism as I am…I’ve never been around so many photo junkies and writers in my life, and I loved it! I really feel like I’ve grown as a person with you all. I’ve learned so much here, about journalism, friendship, and life in general. WKU is an amazing place as well; I’ll be coming here in fall 2012, and I sure hope to see some of you then!

From celebrating my seventeenth birthday, to passing out almost every work session from staying up too late, to laughing pretty much every other minute…it’s been truly amazing and it would take a heck of a lot to forget this. So. Many. Good. Memories. It doesn’t feel like I’ll be leaving tomorrow, but I know that when it comes to that time I’ll be devastated. This time flew, and it sucks that the best times in life never last as long as you want them to; but I’m glad I got to spend one of those times in my life with you guys. Thanks for being my friends, and I won’t forget you!


Mucho amor and meows,