eat. sleep. journalism

We’ve eaten, we’ve slept, and we’ve learned all about journalism.

Thirteen students from various states have had this experience on Western Kentucky University’s campus, for the Xposure Journalism Workshop. We arrived on June 6, and the days have flown by since then.

I have learned many things over these ten days in the workshop, I haven’t only learned about journalism though, but myself too. I have found how to become a better writer, photographer, and how to deal with criticism.

The Ali Center was the story I covered, and I had a blast. We all enjoyed the opportunity seeing Ali’s motorcycle for the first time. The writer’s and staff at the Courier Journal taught us a lot about their job and experiences while we enjoyed lunch with them. The Louisville Slugger Museum was interesting, as we learned how bats are made. We also went to Mammoth Cave, and learned about the history and other interesting things about it. We enjoyed dinner and a baseball game at Hot Rods stadium, with a tour earlier in the week.

We have all come together and shared these experienced, and we will forever these ten days that we ate (a lot of pizza and DUC), we slept (in our bed, the lobby, the study room, under our desks), and we learned all about how to be a journalism.


Heidi C. Kimmich