Lashana Harney

When I first found out I was accepted into the program, I was completely shocked and excited. It was a chance of a lifetime and I new I had to come, so I rearranged my babysitting plans and packed my bags, and bam! I was here in Bowling Green, Kentucky on WKU’s campus.

I had always been a writer and passionate about everything I do, so I new the work would be fine as long as I dedicated myself to it, but when it came to people I was a bit nervous thinking I wouldn’t get along with anyone. I was wrong, so wrong. Everyone has been such an eye-opener and an inspiration to me, and I’m pretty sure I’ll try to keep in touch with everyone here, I’ve made life-long friends that I’ll never forget.

Writing-wise, I definitely learned a lot.             Journalistic-wise, I learned a lot too. Joe Imel was such an inspiration and when he said “Everyone has a story, and that’s the journalists job is to get peoples stories out. It makes a difference.” I really took that to heart, and put that passion into my writing. I’ve always said I’ve wanted to make a difference in someone’s life and I learned that I can do that through journalism and I can take that motivation back home with me when I return to high school.

I learned what the reporters do, and even though I’m not going to pursue a career in photojournalism, I got to learn a lot about photography. When Gary handed us a camera, I was like I know nothing about this, but others helped me and taught me a lot. I learned how to capture a moment, not a pose. I learned how work the angle of the camera and how to adjust the lighting to where it’s almost perfect. I’m attached to my camera now, I’m going to hate giving it up.

When I leave this place I think I’m going to cry. Every single person has been an impact on me, and everyone is so nice and just awesome.  Living on campus has been fun and my eleven days of freedom from my family has paid off and made me more responsible.

Xposure Journalism Workshop 2011’, I’m going to miss you D: