New People

By: Sydney Tucker

This week I met some really cool people. Coming into this workshop I never thought we would all get along this well.

Autumn- The person who always volunteer and does what she needs to do, always remembered for her funny personality and her awesome fuzz bun. Having her outfit always be on point, she walks with contagious confidence.

Yousef- The person that starts out as just a regular american boy, but once he talks personally about his experiences you realize that he is a boy and way more that you couldn’t even imagine. Not forgetting that the unique rituals like eating lettuce off of sandwiches and eating ice cream with chopsticks.

Gabby- The one person that plays off everything in a clever and smart way. But she is a person that not only has hatred, but compassion, and you always have a good laugh when you’re with her. Speaking her mind she can always tell us what’s on her mind, even if it’s the most disturbing thing on earth.

Eden- The person that you wouldn’t even have to turn to know who it was because of their sweet ascent. Wanting to be known as the ¬†joking, sweet, and caring person that can always get a party started.

Jennifer- Now lets not forget about the other trouble twin Jennifer, the person that people would always look up to because of her outgoing and funny personality. Not forgetting the care free singing in the car that in its own way is beautiful.

Chris- A super kid that is extremely interested and pretty much one of the teachers in any video lessons provided. Always provided information from where we went if we needed info, and if he didn’t know, then he would find out. Staying until midnight just to get everything perfect. I mean what kind of person that you know that you would probably jump off a building just to get that awesome blur shot.

E Streater- E is known as a very sarcastic person, a very complex individual. Having to be mad at one moment and bang the table when he loses at cards, to having done a serious and pretty much perfect pose where ever and when ever. No wonder why Chris had a lot of photos to come from to use as a mug shot. By the way E, nice socks!

Rodnesha- The person that speaks her mind and nothing else but her mind. Try to cross her path and she’ll say “leave me alone” before you say your first word. Having very funny and opinionative traits, she also is very sassy. So if you want to debate with Rodnesha, then it would take a few years.

Zharia- The person that you could look up to as the old sister, but sometimes like all big sisters, they need to get pranked once in a while. But besides her pranking¬†ways, she looks to the sky saying that it’s her limit. No chains will hold her down.

Ciara- Speaking of sisters, Ciara is the youngest of the sisters that is known for laughing and having a smile on her face. People sometimes criticize and say how weird she is because she dances in the bathroom mirror. But hey, that is how you compare the good to the great.

Lupe- The person known for bringing her beauty to everything she does. Knowing the passion and having the dreams she wants to pursue, just goes after them. While still to this day not liking the extra condiments of her sandwich, she sure does bring extra to the table when it comes to story needed photo and videos. Being so strong and beautiful, reaching for when dreams, what else could you want to be happy.