Unforgettable experience

By Lupe Medina

It’s crazy to think one week ago I didn’t have as much knowledge. I will never regret coming to this workshop. In very little time we got to do a lot, go everywhere. We all worked hard and got all along well. I’m glad I got to work with the staff and all of the students. Hopefully we can all still stay in touch throughout the years. I will miss Michael’s dry humor, Chuck’s sarcastic way of interacting, Toni’s advice as she helped Rodnesha and I write our story, Gary’s tips on how to make my shooting and editing videos better, Mr. A’s dancing, Kae’s caring of us, Malcom’s rapping sessions, and Peter’s dedication in editing until late at night. I’m really happy I made 11 new best friends. There is something special and unique about each one. I could relate to everyone in some way, which doesn’t usually happen.