Jennifer’s Xposure: Tiring and fun


Written By Jennifer Lee

I’m proud to say that my experience at Xposure has been both tiring and fun. Tiring because we had to write articles for the newspaper, but fun because I had 11 new friends to help me get through it.

I want to introduce you to my friends: Eden, Autumn, Yousef, Gabby, Ciara, Zharia, Chris, Rodnesha, Lupe, E., and Sydney.

Autumn- Hey girl:-) You’re such a good sport on so many levels and I seriously thank you for dealing with my annoying-ness. I remember seeing you and loving your cool and chic style. You’re hilarious and you always know how to make someone smile. I can see that you have so many talents and I know that you’ll get far in life with them. Also, everytime I sit in the back seat of a car, I’ll always think of you. (Btw, you look real cute when you’re sleeping;))

Yousef- I remember thinking you were this guy who was really quiet and reserved, but someone who thought he was too cool for us because you were always on your phone. But, that one night when we played Never Have I Ever, I was seriously so shocked. After that night, we became so close and I’m really thankful for that because you’re such an amazing friend and you always make me laugh whether it’s you dancing like a little girl or something you just say. You’re unbelievably sweet and loving to everyone around you. Thanks for always breaking the silence and bringing us together. Don’t forget to send us some’s once in awhile and stop playing (I’m better than you).

Gabby- I read your portfolio and almost broke into tears. You’re so strong and such an independent woman. And you’re very pretty so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I didn’t get to know you as much but whenever I would approach you (like last night when we were dancing) you always accept me with a bright smile on your face. You’re so cool (and I legit mean this) because you can watch all those scary movies and not get scared. Also, you’re literally the dancing queen. OH, you have my vote for the presidential race;)

Ciara- All hail to the


Xposure workshop is something I will take with me through my journey. It taught me many things from learning to not put your opinion in your articles to breaking out of your comfort zone and asking questions.